Vibrant Admission Charter-2016/2073

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Vibrant Admission Charter-2016/2073

Vibrant Admission Charter-2016/2073

VIBRANT Scholarship Scheme for IOM/MOE, KU

(Summer Session)- 2016/2073



1.         College Toppers

·         1st topper (with at least 80% in XI)      –  100% off in total tuition fee

(1st topper less than 80%             –  50% off in tuition fee)

·         2nd topper                                                –  50% off in total tuition fee

·         3rd topper                                                 –  25% off in total tuition fee

2.      Percentage basis scholarship scheme (On the basis of Grade XI HSEB Board Exam Result

·         85% and above - 100% scholarship (only for study materials Rs 3000/-)

·         Students who have secured 80 – 84 % in XI will get scholarship upto 100% on the basis of scholarship exam which will be conducted on 1st week of Jestha 2073.

3.      For college teacher's /Staff's sons and daughters- 50% off in total tuition fee

4.      For college teacher's Recommendation – 25% off in total tuition fee

5.      For medical Students' (IOM/MOE Scholars) Recommendation -25% off in tuition fee

6.      For ex-Vibrant Students Recommendation -25% off in tuition fee

7.      For all the reservation category students -25% off in total tuition fee

Requirement for reservation category

Students must have passed the SLC Exam from Government School and they should be from the following categories

·         Community School Madhesi

·         Community School Muslim

·         Community School Martry's Family

·         Community School Female

·         Community School Disable

·         Community School Janajati

·         Community School Dalit

·         Community School Remote

Total Fee Rs. 22,500/-

(Including study materials)

Course duration- 4 months

Classes start from 2nd Jestha 2073

[Note: All Scholarship schemes are deducted from the total tuition fee Rs. 22,500/-

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