Summer Session

This session is targetted for IOM & MOE. This also covers the entrance for KU (KUMET).

With the course offered, students can prepare MBBS, BDS, BSC, Nursing, BMLT, BPH, B.Optom, BAMS and even forestry, Veterenary and agriculture.

There will be morning shift, day shift and evening shift.


Winter Session

This session  is targetted for BPKIHS and Indian Emabssy. The depth and content of this package is bit higher.

With this course offered, students can prepare for MBBS, BDS & BSC Nursing in BPKIHS-Dharan.


Students studying grade XII are acquainted with subjective exam pattern of HSEB while the major entrance exams are solely on MCQ pattern. There emerges a problem in correlating the HSEB course knowledge with MCQ patterned entrance exams.

This course enables the students to clear the doubts during +2 classes microscopically while at the same time familiarizes them with the MCQs patterned learning and the e entrance trends of Nepal along with the options and challenges.